What is Biodynamics?

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In 1924 a group of concerned European farmers approached Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, about the declining health of their farms even though they were applying fertilisers. Steiner responded to these concerns with a series of lectures on Agriculture which form the basis of biodynamic principles.

Biodynamics is about soil fertility (healthy foundations) and the recognition of a relationship between plant growth and the rhythm of the cosmos. It provides an opportunity for farmers to retain the role and function as providers for and caretakers of health and the welfare of the community as well as the environment.

Melissa started farming biodynamically in 2007 but we took a very pragmatic approach to the transition. These systems had to work with our vineyard, so we couldn’t just throw the baby out with the bath water and just all of a sudden change every single regime. We started slowly and now after several years we can see a noticeable difference in the health of our vineyard and quality of our fruit.

Our Biodynamic feature wall.

You can learn about our biodynamic farming regime on our biodynamic feature wall in our Sustainable Cellar Door. This large mural shows a year-long timeline of vine growth, indicating key times for biodynamic practices (such as burying a cow horn filled with manure to create compost) and which animals are allowed in the vineyard at certain times to aid with natural processes to ultimately 'grow a great wine'.

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    Why Use a Flowform

    We use flowforms to mix our biodynamic preparations and we've even used this technique on our wines.

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    What is Humus

    Humus is fundamental to biodynamics. It promotes soil health and is the foundation for good soil structure.

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    Biodynamic Preparations

    We prepare and apply biodynamic preparations at specific stages of the lunar cycle to promote soil fertility.

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