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Uncut gets the Chop

We are constantly making improvements in the vineyards and right now we are in the middle of a redevelopment project in the ‘stage 3’ area. The fruit from ‘stage 3’ has been a major component of our Uncut Shiraz for many years because it delivers on flavour every vintage.

However, the canopy structure of the vines is somewhat ‘unorthodox’. Years ago dad increased the vines to 4 cordons with the expectation that this would lead to higher yields.  In reality, they have been more expensive to prune and the yield more difficult to control.

This year we finally took the plunge and cut half the vineyard back to the trunk to commence the restructure to single cordon.  Here are some photos of a work in progress.  We are confident that this initiative will improve the quality of our Uncut Shiraz for many years to come and we cannot wait to taste the results!

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