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Phantom ~ Behind the mask!

Very few know who the Phantom is. Every year he leaves his mark on the McLaren Vale region through a unique blend – a blend of both wine, and character. A master of disguise, he remains anonymous, letting the wine he puts forward speak on his behalf. He spends his days watching over the region undetected, sourcing the next secret blend recipe

Phantom Red Blend is a wine that illuminates the ‘winemaker-as-artist’; the small batches of grapes are but colours on Mike’s palette, the means to create his vision.

The story of Phantom Red Blend has always been one of distinctive quality. The varietal mix changes from vintage to vintage, determined by the combination of quality parcels of fruit at Mike’s disposal, The unique packaging reflects the bespoke, one-off nature of the wine. The concept is a result of months of brainstorming with our amazing designers at Draw.

If you look closely at the 2011 label you will see Mike, ‘The Phantom’, mysteriously painted into the old Tatachilla winery. And yes, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes photo shoot, we did actually paint him and we will continue to paint him in a different location for every vintage! Our 2012 vintage is already in the making.  So stay tuned to see where ‘The Phantom’ pops up next!