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Our Biodynamic Tempranillo

We planted Tempranillo in our McLaren Flat vineyard in 1999. It was the first vineyard that we started farming biodynamically in 2007 and it was also the first to become fully organic certified in November 2011. The vines are planted in a heavy clay soil to restrict vigour and determine its drought resistant qualities. The 1999 plantings have been very successful and the wine we make from this vineyard – Luna Roja sells out every year.

The success of Luna Roja encouraged us to plant a further 3 acres of Tempranillo in 2011 in a predominately sandy podzloic soil. We believed that the sandy soil would make a very different wine style to Luna Roja and we were absolutely right!

On a routine inspection of our 2 Tempranillo vineyards in 2013 we found that the sandy soil grapes were bigger, brighter and juicier so we decided to keep the 2 vineyards separate and make 2 individual wines following bio-dynamic principles.

The flow-form is used in biodyamic practices to energise the water prior to application of BD preps. It was a fruit day on the day we were bottling our Luna Temprana 2014 so we thought we would trial putting the wine through the flow-form prior to bottling. The last few times we tasted it we thought the aroma was closed and the tannins needed softening! Well. After 20 minutes of passing the wine through the flow-form we bought the wine to life! The colour became more vibrant as did the palate and the tannins softened to taste more rounded and chocolatey. Mission accomplished!

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