Gemtree Vineyards

Entwine Australia Member

Gemtree Vineyards is a proud member of Entwine Australia.

Entwine Australia was developed in conjunction with the Wine Industry National Environment Committee and the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. In developing a name for the wine industries national environmental program there were three main concepts that needed to be incorporated (Environment, Wine and Australia).

Entwine Australia links the words ‘environm ent’ ‘wine’ and ‘ Australia’ into a name that conjuring notions of protection and wrapping and reflects the goal of harmoniously combining environmental outcomes with the production of wine. Additionally the name describes the growth pattern of vines on the trellis and the tendrils of the vines.

To promote wine as ‘Sustainable Australian Wine’ on the basis of Entwine membership we need to demonstrate that 85% of the grapes were grown in an Entwine member vineyard and that the wine was made in an Entwine member winery.

Key achievements include:

  • Third-party certified sustainable practices in accodance with world’s best practice
  • Carbon accounting
  • Resource use accountability
  • Striving for continuous improvement